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The Case for the Diabetic Foot

Posted by salim e-a ebrahim on June 23, 2015

The Case for the Diabetic Foot

The Diabetic Foot

The Diabetic Foot

Here’s the latest on the diabetic foot. Go to the link below for this picture (among the many other gruesome ones).

The Diabetic Foot

Here below are the BRAZEN LIES that will be told to you by MOST medical practitioners:


The Diabetic Foot and Risk: How to Prevent Losing Your Leg

Don’t deny you are a diabetic

Anyone who has ever had an elevated blood sugar level is at risk for foot complications. It may be as simple as knowing that once in your life, even during pregnancy, you have had an elevated blood sugar level. If so, you are at risk and must monitor your feet.



An elevated blood sugar level is no cause for alarm AT ALL! “Even during pregnancy?” GOOD GOD! During pregnancy there are literally thousands of changes taking place in the biology of the female. The problem for the diabetic foot is the use of the SYNTHETIC HORMONE INSULIN which eats into the flesh after years of ingesting pharmaceutical drugs and hormones prescribed by your LYING DOCTOR.  The drugs weaken your body completely making it impossible for the natural immunity mechanisms in your body to protect you. To create that immunity in the body, you need good nutrition – NOT DRUGS. Here is what you should really do to save your poor, poor feet from being ruthlessly amputated FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE. Read (watch the video) and know:

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days


Full Movie:

This is an independent documentary film that chronicles six Americans with ‘incurable’ diabetes switching their diet and getting off insulin.

The film follows each participant’s remarkable journey and captures the medical, physical, and emotional transformations brought on by this diet and lifestyle change. We witness moments of struggle, support and hope as what is revealed, with startling clarity, is that diet can reverse diabetes; and change lives.

A 2009 documentary, Simply Raw: six diabetics switched to a raw food diet for 30 days and found their so-called “incurable” disease was REVERSED!


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Reverse Diabetes, Heart Disease and Weight Gain Forever

Posted by salim e-a ebrahim on June 21, 2015

Reverse Diabetes, Heart Disease and Weight Gain Forever

There are two basic questions to ask yourself and every medical expert on diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

Everything eaten (in every food category) is first and foremost digested by the body to produce simple sugar (C6H12O6) because it is the only biochemical molecule (the simplest structural unit) that can be metabolized by the body cells to satisfy the body’s heat and physical energy requirements. Therefore, there has to be enough (simple) sugar in the blood on an ongoing basis all through the day and night to drive the brain and the autonomous (independent) systems of the human body (e.g. breathing, heartbeat, digestion, heating, cooling, etc., etc.) that keep us alive and surviving. Consider the only one fact (out of thousands of facts about the human body that literally boggle the mind) that in 30 minutes a human being gives off enough body heat to bring a gallon of water to a boil. As such, after these basic requirements of heat and energy for survival are fulfilled then only the food eaten by us is used for repair and growth of bone and muscle.

And so the First Question: Considering the fact that (simple) sugar is continuously being produced at an enormous rate from food digested by the healthy and well fed human body every single hour of the day then why is it that every single person alive is not a diabetic because of the massive amount of (simple) sugar produced by the body?

Now consider this fact: Processed (manufactured) sugar (C6H22O11) when consumed is not used up as is simple sugar (C6H12O6) for the autonomous (independent) survival processes of the human body (as described above) to generate heat and physical energy. Instead, processed sugar is first neutralized by insulin and then escorted to the liver which in stages turns this processed sugar into body fat – leading to weight gain and heart disease.

And so the Second Question: Why do human and animal bodies completely and totally reject processed (manufactured) sugar? Is there an explanation for this seeming contradiction in the metabolism of sugars in the human body?

This is the knowledge that can save you from being turned into a diabetic by the (diabetes defining) terminology used by medical practitioners to turn even maggots into diabetics, heart disease patients and weight gain losers. The biggest error on your part is to believe that your medical practitioners know what they are doing. THEY DON’T! Every single doctor, dietician-nutritionist and pharmacist is completely uneducated in the metabolism of foods in the human body including all the university professors who teach medical subjects (18% of the 8900 professors and lecturers at Harvard University at this point in time are linked to Big Pharma drug multinationals in one way or another so that their teaching is biased in favor of falsehood generated by Big Pharma bribing researchers and medical practitioners to approve their false research). So who is in the know? Only the few honest researchers who study the molecular metabolism of different types of foods at the molecular level.

I am 70 years old with a 32 inch waistline of my college days when I was a letterman in tennis. I’m always full of energy because I depend entirely on natural oils, natural carbohydrates and natural sugars for my energy requirements as nature intended. I never but never count calories. Calorie counting is a simplistic “junk science” based on the theory that the human body is a simple combustion engine with a simple fuel-input/energy-output mechanism. This is the popular “theory” for diabetes management which is universally used today by every physician, dietician-nutritionist and pharmacist; and it does not work because it is completely FALSE.

WHY IS THIS THEORY FALSE? Science is only true science (as opposed to junk science) when it observes nature and then explains an observed phenomenon – a working theory – until someone else comes up with another observation that denies that theory as being exclusive. That is why all the books written on dieting for diabetes, heart disease, weight gain/loss, etc., are not exclusive because every book gives a limited solution to the problem and is unable to explain why the other diets also work to a limited extent. The proper solution would be the one that should be able to explain why each one of these diets is limited and why another specific diet will work perfectly. This then is my intention: to write a book that will explain the phenomena of how the animal body metabolizes the natural foods as opposed to processed foods in each food classification and thus give you the understanding to reverse all these so-called diseases.

Consider this fact from the natural world: The poorest of the poor in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica work in the sugarcane fields. For food, they eat the free sugarcane from the fields to satisfy their hunger. They work in the most difficult of working environments: excruciating heat and physical effort. Why do they not starve to death? Why do they not get diabetes from eating nothing but sugarcane all the time, all their lives? Instead they are among the strongest and healthiest of people in the world. From where do they get their tremendous strength and energy needed to do the manual harvesting of the sugarcane? And, to add to our envy, why do they have extremely healthy teeth instead of losing them all due to the sugar from the sugarcane? Clearly, the present knowledge base concerning the nutritional aspects of sugars is very, very flimsy indeed.

And then there is also the matter of withdrawing completely from the synthetic insulin (hormone) therapy meant for lifelong dependency on insulin. This is the most difficult aspect of reversing diabetes because it is almost impossible for a diabetic to give up their belief and trust of years, if not decades, on their medical practitioner even though s/he has washed their hands off their patient pleading that diabetes is an incurable disease that can never ever be reversed. Do you know that this synthetic insulin eats into your flesh? After a decade or so the body, the liver, the pancreas and all the other organs of the body will become so weakened by the continuous attack of a horde of medicines that in time the synthetic insulin will cause holes to appear in your body – that’s right HOLES in your body, especially on the legs. On the feet the flesh will actually get eaten away and leave the bare bones with dripping remnants of your flesh. You don’t believe this? Check this phenomenon out on Google Images by searching for “diabetic ulcers pictures” and then CRY YOUR HEART OUT for taking synthetic insulin hormone therapy for diabetes management.

If you are a diabetes, heart disease or weight gain patient then as an intelligent person, review your past decade. It will show that you have aged faster, have gained more weight and are taking more and heavier dosed drugs not only for the aforesaid three conditions but also for other diseases that developed in time due to the side effects caused by the taking of the initial drugs-medicines and following the doctor recommended “diets” i.e. further diseases like high blood pressure, low blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s, depression, mental illness, GERD, angina, eczema, allergies, insomnia, sleep apnea, hot flashes, kidney disease, cancer. To add insult to injury, you are also stuck for life with your medications and the doctors’ completely false and useless diet regimes. Thus your quality of life is gone forever, taken over by the doctor with little knowledge. There is a saying worth remembering, Little knowledge is dangerous. If s/he denies this evaluation of their abilities then ask him/her to answer the many questions I have posed here and the many more I will pose in my book in the writing.

Here is another observed fact from the natural world: Cholesterol is the MIRACULOUS MOLECULE in the human body and ALL these medical practitioners are completely ignorant in their understanding of cholesterol. Do you know that cholesterol is needed to produce the bile that is ESSENTIAL for digesting the protein in meats, fish, chicken, eggs, beans, etc.? That it is also a critical molecule for the production of the countless biochemicals in the body? Do you know that you get the high level of LDL cholesterol in your blood by eating saturated fat and trans fats (hydrogenated fats) rather than the good cholesterol in eggs, fish, etc.? The doctor targets the poor distressed liver for that phenomenon and gives drugs to cause the liver to stop producing cholesterol which is the most needed constituent in the human body! It is like killing the messenger for the real enemy! Do you know that cholesterol is in fact produced in the liver by the liver and according to human NEED for it at any given time? Then why the high level of LDL cholesterol in the body because of eating junk foods? Ask your doctor – let him try to explain this seeming contradiction if he can.

Is it possible that nature will have the liver manufacture cholesterol so it can lead to heart disease in you? If you realize the stupidity of the present “theory” on cholesterol, i.e. appreciate the value of my question (as well as the many such questions asked above and more questions that I will be asking in my book), then and only then you will have a chance to regain your health. Otherwise you will suffer from increasing ill health and an ever increasing load of drugs and asso   ciated low quality of life.

If you are still wedded to universal stupidity and refute all my above statements then consider this: Vitamin D is the supreme vitamin in the entire vitamin spectrum known to humankind today. BUT NOTE: Vitamin D is a CHOLESTEROL DERIVATIVE i.e. in simple English, it is made from cholesterol ! ! Now are you prepared to fight the lying, cheating Big Pharma and the Medical Practitioners worldwide to stop selling and prescribing their statins? More to the point: Are YOU going to stop taking statins for no other reason than to feed the bank balances of junk medical practitioners sporting mansions and Mercedes sports cars? ?

Finally, completely forget calorie counting. It is the worst thing you can ever do to your body because then you are lumping all foods eaten (processed or natural) into a monolithic calorie counting culture without considering food quality in terms of nutritional value and that specific food’s actual action in the body (without any calorific consideration by the body itself!).

Even the fats and oils you eat are subject to deeper molecular aspects of nutrition e.g. fish oils and walnut oil will remove all saturated calcified fat (all the yuck) from your blood vessels thus helping you to lose weight, reverse heart disease and reverse high blood pressure. So then another question: what has calorie counting to do with taking these oils by eating and enjoying the many types of fish and nuts in your diet?

You will experience the beginning of changes taking place in your energy level and health within a week after the applicable nutritional knowledge has been applied to your eating and drinking habits. In a couple of months you will be far, far advanced towards reversing diabetes, heart disease and weight gain if you simply keep up with avoiding the bad foods and eating the good foods. The secret is in knowing through simple understanding and practice which is which.

Until my book has been written and published I give consultancy on reversing diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

My email contact is and when contacting me, please use the subject heading Reversing diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

salim e-a ebrahim

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