One’s identity is understood in the context of philosophy, theology, mythology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, history, jurisprudence, genetics, genealogy, culture, religion; but most of all it is understood through one’s personal values.
_Salim E-A Ebrahim
epigrammatist, poet, essayist, dialogist, screenwriter and nutrition consultant


I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. After high school I studied at Harvey Mudd College in southern California. After two years I transferred to Utah State University because Harvey Mudd did not offer biology at the time.

After travelling and living in many parts of the world I ended up in the Seattle-Vancouver area of the Northwest Pacific. After my divorce, I felt the wanderlust again and this time I went travelling to the Middle East since I have visited most of Europe, North America and quite a bit of Asia. I ended up in Pakistan and I am at present residing in Karachi where delicious mangoes and other delightful fruits are so cheap as to make one appreciate that there is something called Abundant Nature. 

And, like everyone else, I am left to wonder at the way life goes on in this semi-crazed world – especially the craziest place of them all – Pakistan! We suffer electricity blackouts for 10 hours a day regularly and up to 16 hours on a bad day!  Any wonder 90% of the population has gone mad with this oppression from a tyrannical, thieving Government?


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